Welcome to the AMSAT Ireland website.

On this page you discover some of the benefits of becoming a member.

What is AMSAT Ireland?

We are an amateur radio organisation which primarily promotes the design, development and construction of satellites.

AMSAT members are involved with some of the most modern and cutting edge technology development within the hobby.

Why are satellites so important for amateur radio?

In modern times, satellites have become a critical tool for international communications. They are used for global positioning systems, television, internet and other crucial services.

Amateur radio satellites also provide services which are of extreme importance.

As a member you will become part of a global community of amateur radio satellite operators and be providing support for the development of additional satellite services into the future.

Membership fee per year is €50, unless covered by one of the following exemptions:

  • Over 75 or under 18 – €20
  • Unemployed – €30
  • NRSI members – FREE