AMSAT was founded to continue the efforts, begun in 1961, by Project OSCAR, a west coast USA-based group which built and launched the very first Amateur Radio satellite, OSCAR, on December 12, 1961, barely four years after the launch of Russia’s first Sputnik.

The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (as AMSAT is officially known) was first formed in the District of Columbia in 1969 as an educational organisation. Its goal was to foster Amateur Radio’s participation in space research and communication.

For many decades within the Irish Amateur Radio community there were various attempts made by teams to introduce some AMSAT-related activities into the country. Early in 2019, another attempt at this multi-phase process was begun.

Today we are delighted to report the successful completion of establishing AMSAT Ireland. We hereby invite all amateur radio operators and other interested parties to join/liaise with our club.

For more information on AMSAT Ireland, please visit our website



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